There Have Been More Star Wars Movies Than Cleveland Browns Wins In the Last Two Years

The Cleveland Browns enter this week’s NFL action with an 0-13 record, but the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi bodes well for the Browns. It is true that there have been more Star Wars films released in the last two calendar years (3) than there have been Browns victories (1). However, the last two Cleveland wins have come within 8 days of a Star Wars movie being released.

The NFL and Its Fans Do Not Actually Care About Respecting the American Flag

The NFL and its fans and advertisers are very, very concerned with the National Anthem and the American Flag getting all the respect it deserves. That’s why all NFL entities and fans practice proper flag etiquette at all times. Fans and the league often completely ignore the actual United States Flag Code and only recently started caring about what people were doing during the National Anthem. Black players kneeling became anti-American while a bunch of other stuff continues to be overlooked. 

Mikhail Prokhorov Will Never Get $2 Billion For the Brooklyn Nets Without Throwing in the Barclays Center

Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, wants to sell the team. His original plan was to sell a minority share – up to 49% – and then eventually the entire thing, but apparently no one wants a piece of D'Angelo Russell’s team. So now he’s open to just selling the entire franchise all at once. Following the $2.2 billion sale of the Houston Rockets, he’s reportedly looking for $2 billion. When Prokhorov gained control of 100% of the Nets in 2015, the team was valued at $1.7 billion. Th

Scott Boras Wants to Ban Wet Bases After Bryce Harper's Injury

Bryce Harper was hurt over the weekend when he stepped on first base. Harper suffered a bone bruise and is likely done for the rest of the regular season. This is a big blow to Washington as Harper is 2nd in runs scored, 9th in hits, 8th in doubles, 6th in RBI and walks, 4th in home runs, batting averaged and OBP. The good news is that Washington Nationals are far enough ahead of the rest of the NL East and far enough behind the Dodgers that it shouldn’t affect the standings and Harper has a mo

ESPN Broadcasting Actual Sports Shouldn't Seem So Crazy

ESPNU briefly became ESPN 8: The Ocho on August 8, 2017. It was a hilarious experiment inspired by the 2004 Vince Vaughn / Ben Stiller film Dodgeball. The joke in Dodgeball is that ESPN televises so many sports that they need an 8th channel just to show things like dodgeball tournaments and water skiing squirrels. A hilarious premise indeed. Can you imagine a world where ESPN airs sports? So many that multiple channels are required to show all of the sports? Sadly, that joke isn’t close to a rea

If the Red Sox Win the World Series, Does Pablo Sandoval Get a Ring?

Pablo Sandoval may rejoin the San Francisco Giants. Sandoval spent the first 7 seasons of his career in San Francisco, making 2 All-Star teams and winning 3 World Series and a World Series MVP. Then he signed one of the most incredible contracts in sports history with the Boston Red Sox. Everything that followed that moment was amazing. Sandoval showed up to Spring Training looking like Pablo Sandoval and the media was somehow shocked. Midway through his first season in Boston he was benched fo

Giants Owner Doesn't Think Colin Kaepernick Is Being Blackballed, Employs At Least Two Inferior Quarterbacks

TMZ recently asked New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch if he thought Colin Kaepernick was being blackballed by the NFL. Tisch said no and smartly changed the direction of the very brief conversation by saying that he is all about the New York Giants. Here’s the thing – the Giants currently have to – maybe three – quarterbacks on their roster who are inferior to Colin Kaepernick. The Giants quarterback depth chart currently features Eli Manning, Geno Smith, Josh Johnson and Davis Webb. Manning

Dan Gilbert Lowballed Chauncey Billups, Doesn't Want to Pay LeBron or Anyone Else

Dan Gilbert isn’t preparing for the end of the LeBron James era, he’s pushing for it. According to ESPN, Chauncey Billups was offered just $1.5 million to be the president of basketball operations of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That is 37% of what the normal starting salary for a big name general manager is these days. Billups has no front office experience, but the Lakers just gave Rob Pelinka $5 million and it wasn’t that long ago that the Knicks gave Phil Jackson $12 million a year. Go ahead. T

Drake's "Forever" Video Proved What an Awful Poker Player LeBron James Was Before He Won a Title

Drake released the song “Forever” 8 years ago this summer. Featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, the song was used on the soundtrack for “More than a Game,” the documentary about LeBron James and his high school teammates. Because of that connection, LeBron was heavily featured in the official music video. Let’s watch. Talk about a different era. When this song was released, LeBron and the 66-win Cleveland Cavaliers had just been eliminated from the playoffs by Dwight Howard and the Orlan

Cavaliers Need to Trade LeBron James and Build Around Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson carried the Cavaliers with 18 points on just 4 field goal attempts on Sunday. He led Cleveland with 13 rebounds, including 6 offensive boards. After Thompson’s huge game and LeBron James’ disappearing act, it’s time to ask if the Cleveland Cavaliers should trade LeBron James for some draft picks and build their franchise around Tristan Thompson. At 26, Thompson is just coming into his prime. Both professionally and in his personal life. He averaged career-highs in blocks and fi

Winning the NBA Draft Lottery Doesn't Result in Titles, Unless a Team Win Multiple Lotteries

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place tomorrow night and the fate of two of the league’s premiere franchises hang in the balance. The Boston Celtics own the likely top pick of Brooklyn Nets thanks to the Kevin Garnett / Paul Pierce trade way back in 2013. The Lakers finished the season with the third-worst record and need to land a top 3 pick or they will go without at the 2017 NBA Draft. Celtics fans are salivating at the idea of landing the top pick and strengthening an Eastern Conference contend

Nobody Except for Everyone Believed in the Boston Celtics

Isaiah Thomas had 29 points and 12 assists in the Boston Celtics, 115-105, Game 7 win over the Washington Wizards on Monday. The top-seeded Celtics will now meet the second-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Yet somehow this is a top headline on ESPN’s front page this morning: The headline of the actual article says: “They didn’t give us a chance [against the Wizards]. They didn’t give us a chance when we were down 2-0 to Chicago. We got the No. 1 seed, they didn’t gi

It Is Time for the New York Mets to Ban Golf Forever

Golf is threatening to destroy the New York Mets for the third consecutive season. Over the weekend, Matt Harvey was suspended after he skipped Saturday’s game with a headache. Harvey had played golf earlier in the day and everyone knows you can’t get a headache in the six hours between golf and the time you’re supposed to be sitting down watching a baseball game. At least not of natural causes. During the 2015 postseason outfielder and noted golf enthusiast Yoenis Cespedes hurt his shoulder on

Major League Baseball Needs to Ban the Hidden Ball Trick

Major League Baseball has been trying to speed up the game for a few years now. This season they instituted the automatic intentional walk which has shaved 40 seconds off some games, probably. There is really no way of knowing for sure. Still, with all that extra time on their hands the league should start looking for more ways to shorten games. I think the obvious next move is to ban the hidden ball trick. Here’s one that took place during an A-Advanced level game yesterday. It took 40 seconds

Without LeBron James the Cleveland Cavaliers Have Been Inept and Hopeless For Decades

The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the most poorly-run franchises in American sports. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they won the title last season or are 5-0 in the 2017 NBA Playoffs. This, like everything else the Cavaliers have done for the last two decades, has been bolstered and painted over by the mere existence of LeBron James. Just look at the last two decades of Cleveland Cavaliers’ draft results. Andre Miller had a long career with many teams that were not Cleveland. No one knows wh

Tony Romo, Johnny Manziel and Colin Kaepernick Headline List of Rumor-Worthy Former NFL Quarterbacks

Tony Romo retired today. It appears that Romo will now begin a broadcasting career. Will his retirement be a true retirement or will he “retire” like Brett Favre, Roger Clemens and Floyd Mayweather have retired? Whatever Romo’s intention, his name will be brought up whenever a team is facing any sort of a quarterback issue, just like Peyton Manning last season. And speaking of Manning, I wonder if he’d consider coming out of retirement in the right situation? And what team might take a flyer on

Blind Item: Which New York Mets Star Is Addicted to Drinking Water, Eating Food and Sleeping?

Spring Training is the time of the year where we learn all the little quirks of professional baseball players, but one of the New York Mets has taken things to another level. According to the New York Times, one unnamed player is addicted to water – and maybe much more. The journalist behind this story was tipped off when the player interrupted an interview to take a drink. That’s right – he’s doing this out in the open in front of Tim Tebow and country. At least, I assume this is what tipped o

A Short List of Things Bill Simmons Invented

Bill Simmons got upset earlier this week when baseball writer Jonah Keri published a thing which Bill Simmons had previously encouraged Jonah Keri to write while they worked together. Jonah Keri credited Bill Simmons. Bill Simmons will likely claim he was joking at a later date. He may have already. I couldn’t tell you because he blocked me on Twitter years ago. Still, Simmons obviously considers the idea of ranking athletes by a perceived value something that he created. Here are some other th

Matt Harvey, 0-3 in Spring Training, Went to a Yacht Club With Adriana Lima

Matt Harvey is making headlines again. Unsurprisingly, they have nothing to do with baseball. While serious baseball player Tim Tebow started in right field and went 2-for-3 at the plate, Harvey was busy getting shelled in his final Spring Training start. Harvey surrendered 4 runs (2 earned) and 5 hits in 3.1 innings. He took the loss for the third time in 3 outings this Spring. What did Harvey do after his latest poor outing with opening day less than three weeks away? He went to dinner at a y
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