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Pokemon Go is Everywhere and Everything, Just Ask Everyone

Pokemon Go is everything and everywhere, but you don’t have to take my word for it! Pokemon Go got off to a slow start. Now Pokemon Go is very popular. There are millions of people playing Pokemon Go. In fact, Pokemon Go is too popular. Pokemon Go is not worth your time. One site already found an app more addictive than Pokemon Go, so don’t get attached. People want to know what is behind the Pokemon Go craze. Luckily, someone is here to explain Pokemon Go. And someone else is here to explain

20 Seinfeld Facts You Won't See Anywhere Else

Seinfeld is now available on Hulu. Every episode of Seinfeld is streaming for the first time ever. So everyone finally has a chance to watch Seinfeld. Finally. That means many sites will be making list posts about Seinfeld. This is ours. It includes 20 facts about Seinfeld that you won’t read anywhere else. Please save your references for the end of the presentation. 20. Seinfeld Originally Aired on NBC While you can now watch all the episodes on Hulu, Seinfeld was originally on NBC in the 19

The Guy From This State Farm Ad Totally Abandons His Family After the Commercial Ends

State Farm has been running this ad for a few months now and it has bugged me for a while. The premise is that this dude keeps saying he will never grow up or become one of those awful home-owners who doesn’t live in a cool urban center. Each time he proclaims he will never do something, he is immediately shown at a later point in his life doing that thing he vowed he would not do. The final shot shows him sitting on a couch with his wife and two daughters saying, “I’m never letting go.” Based

UFC: Friends (A Look Back at "The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion")

In case you have forgotten, the episode featured Jon Favreau as “Pete,” Monica’s millionaire boyfriend who wanted to become “the Ultimate Fighting Champion.” The episode aired a few weeks before UFC 13 (May 30, 1997) and multiple months after UFC 12 (February 7, 1997). To put that break in perspective, the UFC will host two cards on the same day later this month. Anyone who follows the sport knows that the idea of a 3 month layoff between UFC events is insane. Of course, as we’ll learn shortly,

If the 2012 Preakness Horses Were The Avengers, Who Would Be Their Favorite Characters From The Wire?

If all the horses in the 2012 Preakness were characters from the hit movie, The Avengers, which character would they be? And who would be their favorite character from The Wire? As a sports blogger, it is my duty to compare sports to popular culture in list form. Luckily, the Preakness horses were ordered from 1-11 so half my job is done. I just had to look at the characteristics of each thoroughbred and match them to an Avenger. The hard part was getting inside the brain of each Avenger to dete

Athlete Cameos From Nickelback's "Rockstar" Music Video, Ranked

Kirk Cousins made this possible. Cousins and his Washington teammates lifted weights while listening to Creed’s Greatest Hits on Thursday. This resulted in me clicking on various tracks on YouTube because, honestly, My Own Prison was an album which I owned and greatly enjoyed as a teenager.* While listening to One (The best song on that album in my opinion.) I saw this: This sent me down a little Nickelback YouTube wormhole because, well, I’ve heard all those songs. I remember the dark days of

There Have Been More Star Wars Movies Than Cleveland Browns Wins In the Last Two Years

The Cleveland Browns enter this week’s NFL action with an 0-13 record, but the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi bodes well for the Browns. It is true that there have been more Star Wars films released in the last two calendar years (3) than there have been Browns victories (1). However, the last two Cleveland wins have come within 8 days of a Star Wars movie being released.

"Need For Speed" Is a New Star-Studded Basic Cable Classic

Need for Speed was released on March 14, 2014. Why randomly mention it in July 2017? Because at some point you’re going to randomly stumble across this movie on basic cable, watch it and love it for its ridiculousness. Coming off the end of Breaking Bad, Need for Speed was supposed to be Aaron Paul’s Fast & Furious-esque franchise. Instead, critics destroyed it and it bombed domestically. It was a 39 on Metacric and a very rotten 23% on Rotten Tomatoes. With a reported budget of $66 million bud

Dear NBC, Eff You For Canceling Bent Before It Even Airs

I watched the premiere and second episode of Bent last night. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. Neither had I until I saw a couple tweets earlier this week from Alan Sepinwall. His review described Bent as funny and charming, but warned that NBC seemed ready to cancel it before it even aired. Other publications agreed.  Why is NBC determined to cancel something that is good? I can confirm that Bent is solid and funny. Now, I’m not saying it’s the best show I’ve ever seen. If NBC canceled

Pitch Perfect: A Tribute to an Infinitely Rewatchable, New Classic Not-a-Sport Sports Movie

Pitch Perfect ended its first run on HBO Friday night. If you have not seen it yet, find a way to watch it. Buy it. Rent it. Do something.* I’m not sure what will become of Pitch Perfect next, but wherever it lands, I will watch. And so will a lot of other people. In the tiny corner of the sports blogosphere that I inhabit, I have happily watched Pitch Perfect go from a secret guilty pleasure to a legit favorite sports movie since the movie premiered on HBO two months ago. As people saw Pitch P

An Important Look At MTV's First 30 Years

August 1st was the 30th birthday of MTV. That’s pretty freaking momentous. I mean, I’m not even 30 and I’m wicked old. People love MTV and they love round numbers. If you do some quick math, you realize that since 1981, MTV has been bringing music fans the best in music videos non-stop until about 15-20 years ago when they pretty much dropped the whole “music” thing. Just think about that for a second. Luckily, they also launched VH1 which played music videos for adults until they stopped playi

Brand, Party, Repeat: NBA All-Star Weekend With Stephen Curry and Ludacris

Every year, the NBA’s biggest stars and the NBA’s biggest sponsors gather in a random city to celebrate how close they are to the NBA playoffs and promote brands – both commercial and personal. This year, the break-out star is Stephen Curry, who spent his All-Star break running around New York City making media appearances and aligning himself with whatever product he wanted. Curry’s personal brand has grown so strong that last week Darren Rovell profiled his many endorsement opportunities and

Bridesmaids Is Not The Hangover For Women

I saw Bridesmaids this weekend as part of a drive-in movie double-feature with Fast Five. I can’t say for certain which was funnier, but I did laugh quite a bit a both movies. I can say that Bridesmaids was the better film of the two and that is not the insult it sounds like. Yes, it’s OK to see this chick flick. TBL wanted me to take the approach of “why guys need to see Bridesmaids” or “it’s not a chick flick,” [Ed. When I mentioned the movie on twitter this weekend, I got 20-30 responses say

ESPN's Page 2 Turns To Rob Kardashian For Perspective On The Lakers Getting Swept

For some reason, ESPN decided to let Rob Kardashian write a column about how hard it was on him, his family and Lamar Odom when the Lakers got embarrassed by the Mavericks. If you’re not familiar with Rob Kardashian, he’s a character on E!’s Khloe and Lamar. What was ESPN thinking? Not to act completely indignant, but come on. Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Wiley wrote for Page 2. I assume its garbage like this Kardashian piece that pushed Simmons towards his new Grantland home. Enough about that

Why Sports Fans Should Care About The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is tomorrow morning. I know I can’t possibly be the only American sports blog personality that has followed the decade-long romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton with bated breath. Especially with the numerous sports blog connections that the between this young couple and our everyday operations. 1. Prince William is a sporting fellow. Like any rich white English nobleman, William played polo. He’s also a fan of Aston Villa and the president of England’s Football A

Athlete Cameos From Nickelback's "Rockstar" Music Video, Ranked

Kirk Cousins made this possible. Cousins and his Washington teammates lifted weights while listening to Creed’s Greatest Hits on Thursday. This resulted in me clicking on various tracks on YouTube because, honestly, My Own Prison was an album which I owned and greatly enjoyed as a teenager.* While listening to One (The best song on that album in my opinion.) I saw this: This sent me down a little Nickelback YouTube wormhole because, well, I’ve heard all those songs. I remember the dark days of

Another Letter to My Younger Self (But By A Completely Different Person)

Yesterday, Ty Duffy wrote a letter to his younger self, after Kobe Bryant and many other athletes did so. Today, in our ongoing 8-part series, it’s Stephen Douglas’ turn to take time off critiquing Golden State’s team tipping habits, comparing Steph to Linsanity, and eating endless appetizers to write a letter to himself and improve his lot in life. How’s the lake house? I assume that’s where you receive this time traveling letter from your future self. Don’t freak out. Things are going to be g

TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers Are As Endless As Your Lack of Shame

Last Thursday, my friend Mike told me about a promotion at TGI Friday’s that allowed customers to eat “endless appetizers.” I obviously called bullshit because that sounded bananas. That deal sounded about as ridiculous as a kayak on the wall of a restaurant. The next day, Gawker’s Caity Weaver dropped a piece of new media journalism 4.0 that spread like wildfire concerning those very same “endless appetizers.” Being so impressed with the idea of eating 32 mozzarella sticks in 14 hours, I had to

Loch Ness Monster Found on Satellite Image

This is a picture of the Loch Ness Monster. Nessy was spotted in an Apple map satellite image by someone goofing around on a computer. After months of studying the image, experts ruled out all logical explanations, threw up their arms and proclaimed that this “likely” the Loch Ness Monster. From The Telegraph: This supposed sighting is the first reported in 18 months, the longest that Nessie has been missing since 1925. All three sightings of the monster in 2013 were all found to be as fake – o

Justified Finishes Another Stellar Season

What a great season for Justified. I’m not going to say Justified is the best show on television, but I’m willing to argue it is in the conversation. Justified features so may great characters and performances that it has to be. The whole show is cinematic in ways that you barely even see in movies. Basically, I love it and want a new episode right now. With the third season wrapping up last night, let’s look back at the incredible characters who made it so damn good. The over/under on the numb
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